Bringing the Ownership Economy to today’s apps

Power users — not companies — drive most of consumer internet. They are social media’s content creators and curators, Uber’s drivers and car suppliers, Airbnb’s hosts and real estate investors, etc. Users consuming these products pay for these networks to exist. Heck, individuals volunteering their time — not companies — write most of the open source code on which these networks rely. So, why don’t users own any piece of these networks?

Take Snapchat, for example. Millions of content creators who turned the app into the behemoth it became didn’t get any direct…

Yonatan Sela

VC @SquarePeg, Co-founder @PropsProject . Ex: @YouNow , @Venrock , @Wharton , @Tvinci (acq. by @Kaltura ), @BCG . Hooked on electronic music, poi & tahini

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