What are the core concepts and innovations that you need to know to begin tackling this beast?

I started looking at crypto investments for Venrock back in 2014 and have been fascinated by the incredible progress in the space ever since. In 2017 I co-founded Props to bring blockchain-powered user ownership into mainstream apps (10M people currently use the token). Still, crypto’s unknowns are far greater than…

Bringing the Ownership Economy to today’s apps

Power users — not companies — drive most of consumer internet. They are social media’s content creators and curators, Uber’s drivers and car suppliers, Airbnb’s hosts and real estate investors, etc. Users consuming these products pay for these networks to exist. Heck, individuals…

Entrepreneurs can wait for mature infrastructure to build consumer-facing crypto apps, or they can leverage what’s available and build some of the missing pieces themselves.

The prevailing thesis in blockchain is that we are in the infrastructure phase. In short, the thesis says that Web 3.0 infrastructure is not yet in place for effective consumer-facing apps to evolve. The compelling logic compares this to the way Instagram or Uber could not emerge on your old…

Yonatan Sela

VC @SquarePeg, Co-founder @PropsProject . Ex: @YouNow , @Venrock , @Wharton , @Tvinci (acq. by @Kaltura ), @BCG . Hooked on electronic music, poi & tahini

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