It has become too expensive for VCs to ignore crypto

What are the core concepts and innovations that you need to know to begin tackling this beast?

Here’s where to start

With crypto now being a code-driven ~$1.5 trillion industry, investors are starting to reconsider their strategy in what I consider to be one of the most transformational and lucrative innovation spaces in tech.

Where’s crypto right now?

Bitcoin found product-market fit, positioned itself as digital gold and an institutional-grade asset.

The sharp, unpredictable increase in fiat money supply (in this case USD) supports the Bitcoin narrative

Ethereum found product-market fit, established itself as the leading smart contracts platform and the base-layer for most of the innovation in crypto.

Defi — Decentralized Finance — is getting serious traction as an alternative financial system that runs entirely on open source code, without financial institutions.

NFTs — “Non-Fungible Tokens” — are specific, unique digital assets that are now the hot ‘new’ category in crypto.

Most of the world consists of unique, non-fungible assets: your house, your family photos, anything you collect. As more aspects of our lives move from the offline world to its digital version, the potential for NFTs is tremendous.

“Decentralized Infrastructure” is now live and increasingly used

“Ethereum Alternatives” are starting to find an audience

Crypto-enabling companies are becoming large businesses

The beginning



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Yonatan Sela

VC @SquarePeg, Co-founder @PropsProject . Ex: @YouNow , @Venrock , @Wharton , @Tvinci (acq. by @Kaltura ), @BCG . Hooked on electronic music, poi & tahini